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AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

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60 minutes with an AWS Cloud Optimisation Expert. On Us.

Your AWS environment is an investment, and one that requires regular review. To get the most out of it, you need to identify ways to reduce your overall footprint in terms of capacity, compute and services. 

Our AWS optimisation expert can help provide an assessment on your actual needs and cut unnecessary costs through:

Identifying and suspending ghost and unattached storage instances;

Right-sizing AWS consumption elements to reduce costs to an optimal level without impacting performance;

Identifying, suspending or terminating unused compute instances;

Uncovering opportunities to use reserved instances in order to drive cost savings from up-front investment. Constant tuning, management and automation of Cloud assets is essential to achieve efficiency and cost optimisation.

aws advanced consulting partner

Take Control Of Your AWS Bill

How You Can Optimise Your Cloud Spend


Match resources to actual workload needs.
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Modernise your applications, drive growth and reduce TCO.
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Maximise cost savings using reserved instances.
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Business Mapping

Define business rules for allocation & governance.
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Track your cloud maturity & see how you compare.
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Anomaly Detection

Identify anomalies in your cloud spend.
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Budget & Forecast

Predict cloud spend and stay on budget.
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Workload Placement

Find the optimal location for a task.
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