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Talend Bolsters Efforts to Help NZ Education Institute Become a Data-Driven Organisation

Jun 29, 2021 10:01:22 AM

During the last six years, the renowned technology institute has navigated continuous improvement in its data organisation. Talend and its data integration platform were at the heart of this transformation. Here’s how OSS Group supported its client along its journey with a long-lasting and fruitful collaboration.


Creating a Single View of Each Student

The Auckland-based university adopted Talend back in 2014. But two years later, the IT team needed to upgrade their use of the data platform. Supporting data from more than 18,000 students and 1,500 staff had become far too complex for the reduced in-house team. After an RFP was put out, OSS Group was selected to help with the implementation of Talend’s open-source version.

This first step was crucial for building a holistic view of each student. Considering how competitive the market is, building a student-centric organisation was a pre-requisite. With the open-source Talend version, the university could finally set up a student profile quickly and obtain a single view of him/her. The new data organisation was not only profitable for the students, but also for the staff, lecturers, etc.

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Evolving to a Single Data Platform

Following this first project, the university engaged with OSS Group on a recurring basis. This collaboration relied as much on strategic guidance as it did on development and integration support.

Our certified consultants helped to meet short deadline spikes in the delivery of data pipelines. While optimising the use of Talend, they delivered outcomes in shorter timeframes than if they had only used internal developers.

The number of smooth running business processes that were underpinned by Talend integration flows was increasing, year-by-year.

These great results led to a new evolution of the data platform. The open-source version of Talend was upgraded to Data Fabric in 2017, with on-premises implementation. The main reasons were improved version management, scheduling and support for the data flows. The Data Fabric brings together a set of powerful, easy-to-use solutions. This single-entry point for data ensures that the data is complete, clean, compliant, and readily available.

Finally Shifting to the Cloud

The last deed of this long-lasting collaboration between the university, Talend and OSS Group happened in 2020. The shift to Talend Cloud came as the next logical step in the efforts and improvements made in recent years.

Talend Cloud appeared to be the obvious choice. An upgrade of the existing platform would have been more expensive and tied up valuable technical resources for longer. What’s more, the ease of use of this complete end-to-end data integration and management platform also made for a decisive argument.

Migration planning, execution and handover only took a few weeks. A smooth transition allowed lines of business and IT to work together to deliver trusted data throughout the organisation.

The 6-year partnership between the university and OSS Group provides evidence of the added value of an external advisor. It gives insight into both strategic guidance and execution capacity and mastery. It works no matter which stage the organisation is at in its life cycle or in adopting the platform. 

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