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Unlock powerful insights and automation with IBM PowerAI

IBM's PowerAI platform makes machine learning and AI lightning fast at production scale. Learn how businesses across industries are crunching large data sets to build accurate, predictive models and apply them to real world data to optimise performance.

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Powering industries worldwide.

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Automotive & Transportation

Applications to Traffic Management, Driver Assistance, Supply Chain and more.

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Consumer Insights

Unparalelled B2C applications in real-time with actionable insights.

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Financial Services

Algorithmic detection and prediction layered with industry standard security.

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On-time and improved patient outcomes delivered using new technologies and non-traditional methodologies.

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Trend and pattern recognition, optimising efficiency and minimising defects.

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Media & Entertainment

Advertising optimisation, campaign management, trend monitoring and behavioural processing.

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Oil & Gas

Infrastructure and seismic assessments using improved resolution and accuracy.

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Demand forecasting, weather prediction and improved resource allocation and efficiency.

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