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Better, cheaper, faster - Introducing the IBM FlashSystem 5200


This might be the best storage solution we've ever seen; super fast, super compact and yet affordable. Perfectly suited to NZ customers, the IBM FS 5200 ticks all the boxes.

We've listed some specifications below but if you want to see it, size it or get a quote - just drop us a line. 

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When it comes to storage, size does matter.

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IBM FlashSystem 5200

This powerful solution is the right size for most New Zealand customers; the performance, capacity, features and price are unbeatable.

The full range of spec features includes:

  • HUGE capacity - up to 1.7 petabytes
  • TINY footprint - only 1 rack unit
  • FAST - blisteringly-fast NVMe storage, >70 microsecond latency, 1.5 million IOPs, 21 GB/s throughput
  • SCALABLE - can scale out to 4 systems and 40U in expansion units, up to 32 PB
  • CONNECTABLE - via 25/10 Gbps ethernet (iSCSI, iSER) or 32/16 Gbps fibre channel (FC, FC-NVMe)
  • RESILIENT - raid resiliency and high availability features
  • MIGRATABLE - daisy chain your legacy storage behind the FS 5200's Spectrum Virtualize software; gain compression deduplication and ease of data migration 
  • AFFORDABLE - from NZ$50K-$200K, depending on capacity

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