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Red Hat Advanced Solutions Provider

Understand the power of Red Hat and it's IT automation ecosystem.  

Whether you're a CIO, IT Director or a  Systems Engineer, it is important to understand how automation can help accelerate efficiency, reduce operational costs and improve service excellence. The reality is, if it exists in IT there is usually a way to automate it.

As an Advanced Red Hat Solutions provider, OSS Group is offering the opportunity to host a FREE consultation with your team to identify opportunities to provide automation at scale.

Our consultations will cover topics on how IT automation can help your organisation with:

  • Speed operations and development
  • Improve agility and responsiveness
  • Boost productivity and efficiency
  • Increase consistency and availability
  • Improve security and compliance
  • Focus on high-value, strategic initiatives.
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Red Hat Ansible enables next generation network operations

Switches, routers, loaded balancers, firewalls and more.

Ansible can help automate your existing network gear, no matter how big or small. Leverage the existing network CLI commands you know and love to get automating quickly across 45+ networking platforms. 


Physical network dvices


Top-level controller management

SDN controllers can manage specific networking platforms, but what if you have multiple SDN platforms? Ansible can “manage the managers” and provide top-level automation for many purpose-built software-based controllers.


Software defined networks


Interconnecting hybrid clouds

Moving compute workloads to and from private and public clouds sounds easy, but how do you build out and automate those networks in a repeatable and scalable fashion? Let Ansible handle the details while you focus on your workloads.


Cloud Based networks


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