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Modernise with OpenShift Containers

Embrace modern applications with Red Hat's OpenShift container platform.

As applications evolve onto containerised environments, you'll need to choose a container platform. OpenShift provides a complete Kubernetes platform to manage container-ready applications across a single interface, regardless of location. OpenShift enables quick time-to-value through standardisation across all environments including clouds, on-premise or hybrid cloud infrastructures. 

As an Advanced Red Hat Solutions provider, OSS Group is offering a FREE consultation with your team to explore candidate applications for containerisation, and how to deploy and manage containers at scale. 

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OpenShift means shorter development times & easier container management

Why use containers, and why OpenShift containers?

Containers are a growing trend, fueled by a massive wave of software modernisation and development in ever-smaller units: APIs & microservices. 

The ISV (independent software vendor) community is increasingly releasing off-the-shelf applications packaged for containers - especially OpenShift, as the industry-standard, hybrid cloud container platform. Modernising your O-T-S applications will mean embracing and managing container platforms in growing numbers. 

Organisations developing their own APIs, microservices and applications are also adopting containers as a highly scalable deployment platform. OpenShift offers the key advantages of best and fastest development experience, and full portability across on-premise, hybrid and multi-cloud deployment models. 

Now is the time to plan for how you can embrace containers, for the most gain with the least pain. 

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