Managed Services

The managed services we provide typically fit within one of the following categories:

Outsourced systems operations

We operate clients’ systems to contracted SLAs, in their own data centres or third-party data centres on a 24 x 7 basis.

Software support

We support selected applications and software infrastructure, including: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, web application servers and middleware, web Content Management Systems (CMS) and wikis, etc.

Infrastructure support

We support infrastructure from the data centre to the desktop, and mobile device.

Systems hosting

Through our partners, we offer data centre hosting in appropriate locations at the right price.

Managed wide-area network links

Through our partnerships, we provide managed network links, between sites and to the internet, with managed perimeter security and remote access.

Software as a Service (“Cloud”) systems

We offer a choice of cloud services, from commodity services to more complex, customised systems.

Managed backups

We provide a managed backup and recovery service, with agreed recovery times and with on-site and off-site recovery capabilities.

Disaster Recovery facilities

We provide dedicated or stand-by DR systems and facilities according to client needs, along with regular DR readiness tests.

Contracted I.T. management

We provide contract I.T. management skills for periodic or part-time requirements.

By using our operational services, you gain:

  • access to industry best practice methods
  • proven expertise and experience
  • capacity to get the work done promptly
  • control over operational risks: change and release management, knowledge and documentation, I.T. assets, etc.