SugarCRM Plug-Ins

SMS Gateway

Our Sugar – SMS Messaging integration provides a cost effective way to deliver SMS communication and activity recording in Sugar. It uses the standard Sugar user interface making it extremely easy to lean and use. We track sending and receipt with a full activity history, just like Emails, Calls and Tasks in Sugar.

We have used a generally accepted SMS API to allow to use virtually any SMS Gateway, rather than gateways like Twilio™, with their associated SMS costs. You can choose the most cost-effective SMS Gateway to meet your specific budgets and business needs. Whether it’s a single SMS message or an SMS Messaging Campaign, we can meet your needs.


Zarafa Email Integration

Zarafa provides open source collaboration tools to millions of users worldwide, including integrated Email, Calendar, Contacts, Web Meetings and much more for both Browser and Mobile Users. Its open source base means much lower cost of ownership combined with an ease of use that maximises user adoption. Low cost of ownership and ease of use make it an exceptional Microsoft Exchange™ alternative.

Our Sugar-Zarafa Integration ensures your have the best collaboration tools combined with the power of Sugar to deliver Account and Contact synchronisation to give that single customer view and eliminate duplicate and redundant data.


You spend your day in your CRM , communicating with your customers and leads , scheduling meetings and responding to inquiries.. You want to ensure that you are contacting the right people at the right time, with the least CRM data entry possible.

Viabl tells you who you have contacted recently and who’s due, with an easy to see traffic light, and also gives you one-click buttons for contact related activities like call logging, meeting logging and sending emails. Viabl allows you to do much more in less time while keeping your CRM current and up-to-date.