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IT Automation is a requirement to stay relevant

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What is configuration management?

Configuration management encompasses the practices and tools to automate the delivery and operation of infrastructure. These configuration management solutions, model infrastructure, continually monitor and enforce desired configurations, and automatically remediate any unexpected changes. By enabling you to deliver better software faster, configuration management helps lay the foundation for DevOps.

Configuration Management

What is configuration automation?

Configuration automation is the reassurance that your infrastructure environment deploys automatically and reliably every time. Unlike error-prone procedural scripts, which can create bottlenecks that make deploying or rolling back to a stable version a harrowing endeavour, Puppet Enterprise lets you simply define the desired state of your infrastructure and applications. Puppet continuously and automatically enforces that state, so you can spend more time innovating and less time-fighting fires.

Configuration Automation

Doing it right delivers results

Increase in deployment speed
More frequent deployments
Increase in audit success rate
Less security fix time
Fewer outages
Reduction in IT Opex

How automated is your IT organisation?

To be truly automated you need to excel at delivering better solutions faster, and continually. 

Shift From The Old Way

  • Ad Hoc, Manual and Error Prone
  • Infrequent Delivery
  • Security in Silos
  • Legacy Platforms

To The New Way

  • Automatic, Standard, and Scalable
  • Delivery at Will
  • Inherent Security
  • Constantly Modern

Getting to this kind of business agility means more than just automating a few parts of your organisation’s software lifecycle. It requires building the tooling and culture that will break down automation silos across your teams and your business.

This Pervasive Automation is the foundation of any modern DevOps initiative.

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Where do you start on the journey to Pervasive Automation?

It starts by using a common language that relates across everything in your IT eco-system, regardless of where it runs.

Know what you have
Control it and enforce consistency
illo-security-compliance-1k (1)
Secure it and keep it compliant
Modernise it


Shorten the time to provision infrastructure from weeks to minutes with Puppet and VMware solutions.

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Introducing Puppet Products

Discover, manage and deliver all of your applications and the infrastructure they run on.

Puppet Discovery from OSS

Forget spreadsheets and clunky CMDBs. Get dynamic, real-time inventory across your infrastructure — and act.

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Puppet Enterprise from OSS

Why choose between model-driven and task-based automation? Puppet Enterprise delivers both, and a lot more.

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Puppet Pipelines from OSS

CI/CD never looked so good or performed better. Our integrated platform simplifies software delivery and lets you deliver faster.

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Puppet Insights from OSS

CI/CD never looked so good or performed better. Our integrated platform simplifies software delivery and lets you deliver faster.

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How Puppet Works


Easily get started with infrastructure automation

With Puppet you can start automating easily with an agentless task-based approach. You can move a step beyond from shareable scripts and leverage existing content on the Puppet Forge from your own workstation or laptop.


Know what you have

With Puppet, you know what software you have, how, where, and why it changed, and who did it, all from one view. Always know what you have in your hybrid infrastructure so you can adapt to new technological challenges with confidence.


Orchestrate change and applications intelligently

Whether you schedule a change or push it out directly from HipChat, Git or Jenkins, or commit your next application update, Puppet gives you control, visibility, and automated intelligence to orchestrate change across your software and infrastructure.

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Ensure security & compliance, inherently

Puppet makes security and compliance inherent and automatic. With Puppet, you get the automation needed to continually enforce policies and the traceability required to prove compliance.


Adopt modern technologies with consistency

Puppet makes it possible to automatically install, configure and manage public, hybrid and private cloud, microservice and container resources -- and even manage cluster orchestration tools -- giving you instant portability and streamlined application delivery for multi-cloud environments.


Full control and faster deployment of your applications

Puppet offers you a simplified standard way to build and deploy traditional and containerised applications with full control and visibility. Plus, we integrate with the most popular source control systems, cloud platforms and ChatOps tools so you don’t have to do custom integration work.

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Your data-driven roadmap for DevOps success

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Getting started with Puppet

From hybrid infrastructure discovery and inspection, to infrastructure management and through modern application delivery, the Puppet platform lets you automate it all — simply, security, and at scale.

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