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Managed Services with OSS Group

Managed Services

Our managed services offerings are customised to the client’s needs. Managed services agreements can include system administration, incident management and response, change management and system maintenance, including patching and version upgrades. We provide managed services for Platforms and for Data & Integration.

Our Process

Client Requirement Assessment

We cater for the complete needs of our clients. We outline the scope and outcome of the engagement, defining how to measure success in the delivery, defining the management strategy and determining the skills required to deliver the service. Expectations are agreed upon in advance, so that contracts have as little grey as possible.

System Evaluation

Next, we evaluate your digital environment to understand the infrastructure, the application layer and the size of the digital footprint. We also evaluate the day-to-day actions required to keep that environment operational. This helps define our monitoring schedule, what our team is accountable for and what needs to be done daily, weekly and monthly.

Service Management

Managed services interfaces with our Data & Integration and Platforms teams to ensure that the right personnel with the right technical skills are available to carry out the service. Services can be completed on site, remotely (from our offices) or a mix of both. Our technical experts are skilled at integrating with client teams to deliver collaborative, immediate results.

Reporting and Improving

We report on our activities as we manage your service according to the pre-defined reporting cycle. As our relationship with a client matures and we understand the environment more completely, we aspire to add value by making recommendations for future improvements geared towards increasing performance and reducing cost.

Peter Jonkers - Head of Managed Services

 Peter Jonkers

 Head of Managed Services

Hi, I'm Peter Jonkers

I provide bespoke, comprehensive managed services for our clients. I’d be happy to discuss your managed services needs, from the nature of your digital environment to your specific requirements.

You can get in touch with me by calling: 

0800 OSS GRP (0800 677 477)

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