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Partner Profile: Cloud Insurance

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Cloud Insurance is a Cloud-based SaaS solution that has customer self-service and workflows built-in to improve efficiency and serve customers better, designed by insurance experts for insurance companies, MGAs, agents, and brokers.

To deliver robust insurance infrastructure for business growth and innovation, Cloud Insurance partners with OSS Group in New Zealand and Australia.

Cloud Insurance Product Set

Pet Insurance: Protecting your furry companions with coverage for veterinary expenses, accidents, and illnesses, ensuring their well-being without worrying about financial burdens.

Travel Insurance: Providing peace of mind during your adventures by offering coverage for trip cancellations, medical emergencies abroad, lost luggage, and other unforeseen circumstances.

Life Insurance: Safeguarding your loved ones' financial future with policies that provide financial support in the event of the policyholder's death, helping cover expenses and debts.

Health Insurance: Ensuring access to quality healthcare with comprehensive coverage for medical expenses, including hospital stays, doctor visits, prescriptions, and preventive care.

In addition to these insurance products, Cloud Insurance also offers robust administrative and management systems:

Policy Administration System: Streamlining the policy lifecycle from issuance to renewal, allowing for efficient management of policies, premiums, and customer data.

Claims Management System: Facilitating smooth and transparent claims processing, enabling quick resolution of claims while minimising fraud risks and improving customer satisfaction.

API Integration to Other Corporate Systems: Enhancing interoperability and connectivity by integrating with other corporate systems such as CRM, accounting, and analytics platforms, enabling seamless data exchange and workflow automation.

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Our Cloud Insurance Capabilities

As one of the first Cloud Insurance partners in the APAC region since 2023, OSS Group is New Zealand's most skilled partner in modern, flexible, customer-centric and affordable solutions for the insurance industry.

We offer skills and services in:

  • PHP core development skills in Cloud Insurance code base
  • Senior BA / BA skills for Cloud Insurance platform configuration and user story development
  • Functional expertise on Cloud Insurance platform
  • Cloud Insurance API development skills
  • Project management
  • Cloud Insurance instance implementation / deployment
  • Cloud Insurance escrow and DR implementation, deployment and testing
  • Vendor liaison
  • Full Managed Service and ongoing application support
  • Sales and Pre-Sales services

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Some of Cloud Insurance's Customers

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What do customers say?

"The next phase of work was a more substantial build of a pilot that required both configuration and development to succeed. Throughout this phase, Cloud Insurance partnered with our in-house experts and sought to really understand the problems we were aiming to solve. The timeline was short and everyone involved put in 110% in order to make it a success. The Cloud Insurance team came down to New Zealand and having their presence here meant that delivery and the successful go live was supported by very strong individuals."

Bryan McConnell, COO, NZPA



Further Information on Cloud Insurance


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Ian Kingon
Head of Insurance Applications

Hi, I'm Ian Kingon

If you want to understand whether the Cloud Insurance platform solutions would be a good fit for your organisation, you can get in touch with me through the form, or via phone below:

0800 OSS GRP (0800 677 477)

+64 27 366 6117

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