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Procure the best price for your IT solution

Like with any retail scenario, different vendors can give you vastly different prices for the same exact product. We use our partnerships and smarts to give our clients the best prices with the quickest turnaround time for hardware, software and maintenance solutions.

How does OSS Group give clients the best prices?

We can’t give away all our trade secrets, but we can give you a little insight into how we operate. Our competitive edge is determined by three key things: flexible pricing, speed and customisation to best serve our customers.

Flexible Pricing

Our partnerships with hardware, software and maintenance providers mean that we get rebates for the products we sell. Instead of keeping those rebates to ourselves, we use them to blend our margins, creating prices that are mutually beneficial.


Being a smaller business increases our flexibility and speed. This allows us to generate company-approved quotes and subsequent adjustments quickly and efficiently. We also use our connections in the industry to reduce procurement lead time.


We really do care about getting you the best deal. Our dedication to creative customisation makes us a top procurer in New Zealand. By refusing a one-size-fits-all approach, we are able to leverage price, lead time and vendor options in innovative ways.

mike lamont2

 Mike Lamont

Cloud Services & Procurement Lead

Hi, I'm Mike.

I supply hardware, software and maintenance of a product independently of or in conjunction with a project or managed service provided by our team.

Looking for a free customised quote? Contact me today.

You can get in touch with me by calling: 

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