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University Of Auckland Owen G Glen OGG Building

The University of Auckland

The UoA required a knowledgeable integration architect to work with the applications and architecture teams to understand the business needs, understand the back-end interfaces it has today and then produce an architecture for the university API.

The Approach

OSS Group undertook a number of workshops with stakeholders from The University to achieve the project objectives:

  • Review current architecture including existing tools
  • Model capabilities of ITS development team
  • Create model for target architecture
  • Map capabilities to target architecture
  • Develop a high-level, conceptual specification for the future API
  • Develop a list of tools required to build, access and support the API

The Results

OSS Group achieved the objectives with the following results:

  • An architecture which provides the functions and capabilities required to support the API
  • A high-level design for the API
  • A recommendation of the tools required to implement and support the architecture and API



Mitre 10 Mega

Mitre 10 is a leading home improvement and garden retailer in New Zealand. As part of their strategic transformation initiative, Programme One, Mitre 10 recognised the necessity of a robust data platform to support their data migration needs and to gain valuable insights from their vast business data.

The Approach

OSS Group played a pivotal role in achieving Mitre 10's objectives for their Enterprise Data Platform through the following key actions:

  • Identifying the core components and technologies necessary for the new strategic data platform allowing Mitre 10 to start small and quickly, and gradually scale their data infrastructure
  • Selecting appropriate products and vendors to ensure that the chosen technologies aligned with the organisation's objectives
  • Implementing the data platform by setting up the required infrastructure, configuring software components, and ensuring the platform's optimal performance.
  • Developing best practices and guidelines for data platform development ensuring data integrity, security, and compliance 

The Results

Through OSS Group's expertise and collaborative efforts, Mitre 10 successfully developed a robust data platform based on Snowflake, Coalesce, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This allows Mitre 10 to execute their Programme One transformation program more efficiently, meet data migration requirements, and gain valuable insights from their extensive business data. The platform's scalability ensures that Mitre 10 can adapt to evolving business needs and continue to make data-driven decisions to drive their success.

The partnership between Mitre 10 and OSS Group exemplifies how strategic data platform development and data architecture can play a pivotal role in achieving transformative business objectives.