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Activate Data Assets

We believe data becomes an asset when it is embedded into enterprise decision-making processes or made available for appropriate sharing.

As a local NZ business we are keenly aware of our customers’ need for pragmatic outcomes.  Our experience and talents are used to design and develop solutions which connect trusted data to insights and outcomes using proven platforms and approaches.


Data Architecture, Implementation and Analytics

Data Architecture

Apply our reference architecture, align your data strategy with your business goals and co-design an aspirational vision for your data. 

Data Integration

Design and implement cloud APIs, from use case evaluation through the entire development lifecycle, to their deployment and documentation.

Data Engineering

Utilise our deep experience and expertise in AWS, Azure and Snowflake platforms to complement project teams.

Data Governance

Manage your valuable data assets and ensure their visibility, appropriate availability, integrity and security within the organisation.

AI Analytics

Address business challenges with AI utilising our expertise in building AI and ML technology based solutions.

Software Modernisation & AI Applications

Application Modernisation

Migrate your software stack to provide real-time data, better functionality and improved customer experience.

Technical Debt Remediation

Reverse engineer the technical specifications for your applications and identify practical and achievable options for action.

Legacy Software    Support

Get trusted support for the legacy software, middleware, and database systems that your business relies on.

APIs and Integrations

Contact our team to design and build solutions for you to provide consistent data across disparate applications.

Internet of Things

Industry 4.0 is on the rise. Consult our team to find out about the possibilities that IoT integration offers in your industry.

AI-Infused Applications

Leverage the performance of your new and existing applications by integrating AI capabilities.


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Simon King

Hi, I'm Simon King

I lead the data and software team. I’d be happy to discuss your data and integration needs and ensure that you are given the best solution.

You can get in touch with me by calling: 

0800 OSS GRP (0800 677 477)

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