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Coalesce addresses the challenges of modern data warehousing, providing a unique column-aware architecture that makes managing and transforming data more intuitive and efficient. Many of the designers at Coalesce have brought previous data transformation tooling experience from Wherescape. 

As a Coalesce New Zealand partner, OSS Group can implement and support your data transformation goals.

Product Features

Coalesce is a data transformation tool built for scale. Coalesce utilises a column aware architecture for a code-first, GUI-driven experience to build and manage your data transformations.  

Created by data warehouse experts, to address the common pain points data warehouse experts experience. Coalesce can help you manage complex data transformations with automations, preventing the bottlenecks that hold your organisation back from effective use of your data. 

With it's unique column-aware architecture, Coalesce allows you to visualise the configuration of your data warehouse with ease. 

Key features include:

  • Template based SQL generation
  • GUI
  • Automated column lineage
  • Native GIT integration
  • Deployment planning
  • Data testing
  • Single sign on
  • Macros
  • Built and optimised for the Snowflake environment
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Our Coalesce Capabilities

OSS Group was appointed as the only Coalesce partner for New Zealand in 2022. and has done the first deployments. Our capabilities in Coalesce include:

  • Data architecture and design of data transformations. 
  • Development and support of prerequisite data ingestion with tools like Fivetran.
  • Development and support of data transformations in Coalesce on the Snowflake environment.
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Simon King, Head of Data and Integration

Simon King

Head of Data & Software

Hi, I'm Simon King

If you want to understand whether Coalesce solutions would be a good fit for your organisation, you can get in touch with me through the form at right, or phone below:

0800 OSS GRP (0800 677 477)

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