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Industry News: Fivetran Have Now Acquired HVR

Feb 10, 2022 10:59:45 AM

HVR have now been officially acquired by the California-based, SaaS technology company Fivetran. By coming together, the two companies can ensure a greater level of support in helping their customers become fully-fledged data-driven businesses.

With a mission to make access to data and analytics as simple and easy as possible, Fivetran now have the backing of HVR’s extensive data replication technology to expand into the space of mission-critical, enterprise databases.

HVR have a proven track record of engineering data pipelines, replicating large, enterprise-level databases through log-based change data capture (CDC) in realtime, while ensuring light footprints and low latency.

Fivetran aids data integrations and analytics by extracting, transforming and loading data volumes from a variety of different sources, into easy-to-access warehouses, helping businesses quickly query databases and make data-informed decisions rapidly.

With HVR predicting an overall trend towards data produced in SaaS-based environments and Fivetran an already established player in this space, offering a variety of application connections and configured interfaces, the merger between the two, announced in late 2021, was a no-brainer.

Consolidating the two strengthens operational areas both were falling short in, without the pains of building out these capabilities over a lengthy time period themselves. Not only does the recent acquisition strengthen the current product offerings of both, but additional technologies and manpower mean better overall support and services for customers too.

Work has already begun on the first product integration. This will come in the form of a managed services version of HVR, bringing HVR’s efficient, real-time data movement capabilities into the practical user experience of Fivetran.

Work is also being done to unify pricing between the two into a single consumption-based model, allowing businesses to more effectively manage cost and margin.

Strong data governance measures are also a key feature for near-term plans of the Fivetran/HVR products. A soon-to-be-launched Metadata API will help to keep track of how data is changing as it flows through systems, and the users responsible for those changes. Automatic detections for PII (personally identifiable information) and granular user permissions will ensure tighter controls on business data and quickly mitigate errors or incidents, helping to minimize significant data breaches.

Here at OSSG, we are excited about the huge potential this acquisition offers, with two already well-established data companies coming together to support businesses on their data-driven journeys as they seek to handle ever-increasing throughput loads and access them in handy, UX-friendly locations.

If you’re looking for more information on how a Fivetran HVR solution could benefit your business objectives, drop us a line for a complimentary, no-obligations chat.  

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