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Partner Profile: Dataiku


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are becoming accessible and affordable tools for addressing varied business use cases.

Dataiku provides a user-friendly AI-ML framework to develop, tune, and operate Machine Learning tasks.

Dataiku has been named a Leader in the Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms.

OSS Group is Dataiku's first New Zealand partner.

Dataiku's Product Set

Dataiku's Data Science Studio (DSS) stands out from others due to the breadth of its scope, and its suitability for technical and non-technical users.

Here are its main features:

All-in-One Platform

Data Science Studio is an all-in-one, centralised data platform supporting the data journey to analytics at scale and Enterprise AI.

Data Preparation

To connect, cleanse, and prepare data for analytics and machine learning projects.


To explore and create statistical or geospatial analysis, charts, and dashboards in order to understand and share data insights. Also supports BI tools such as Tableau, Qlick, PowerBI.

Machine Learning

To build advanced machine learning models using the latest techniques.


To automate data pipelines for clean and timely data across the enterprise.


To deploy, monitor, and manage machine learning projects in production.

Analytic Apps

Deploy analytic dashboards and applications for business users.

Governance and Explainability

Balance access and transparency with security and governance to scale AI safely and effectively. Dataiku provides granular levels of control and ability to trace every aspect of machine-learning as organisations empower more employees to leverage the power of AI.  

Collaborative Data Science

Simplify and organise teamwork between data scientists, data analysts, and engineers and let them explore, prototype, build and deliver their own data products more efficiently. 

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Our Dataiku Capabilities

OSS Group became Dataiku's first New Zealand partner in 2020.

Our services include:

  • AI strategy and roadmap
  • AI solution architecture
  • Data preparation and pipelines
  • Development of ML models
  • Development of analytics
  • Migration to production
  • Ongoing AI-Ops
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Some of Dataiku's Customers

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Further Information on Dataiku

Dataiku website:

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science

OSS Group signs on as Dataiku's first NZ partner

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