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Partner Profile: DataMasque

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DataMasque enhances the seamless exploration, implementation, and harnessing of opportunities of your data, ensuring data privacy and security at every step.

OSS Group is one of DataMasque's first partners, delivering an effortless solution for the security and privacy compliance of your data.

DataMasque's Product Set

DataMasque is an innovative data masking solution that seamlessly substitutes sensitive data with realistic yet fictional alternatives, ensuring data integrity while boosting the efficiency of testing, development, and training endeavours—all while upholding stringent standards of security, privacy, and operational precision.

Synthetic and Realistic Data
DataMasque generates de-identified data with synthetic properties, mimicking the characteristics of the original data it replaces.

Integrity & Consistency
With DataMasque, automated detection and maintenance of primary and foreign key relationships are facilitated, alongside ensuring data consistency through the application of the same masked data across various tables, databases, files, environments, and organisations.

Irreversibility of Your Data
When data is dynamically masked, it implies the potential for sensitive data to revert to its original state. DataMasque, however, eliminates personally identifiable information (PII) and substitutes it with synthetic data resembling the original, without the risk of re-identification.

Compliance with Data Privacy & Security
Having a masking strategy and removing PII from non-production environments enables you to comply with global regulatory requirements such as GDPR Article 32, HIPAA safe harbour, and various international data privacy laws.

Proactive Alert System for Schema Changes
DataMasque offers a proactive sensitive data alert system that notifies users of schema changes flagged for potentially sensitive data, and allows you to upload their own data dictionaries for monitoring.

Automation API
Tailored for modern enterprise setups, DataMasque offers seamless integration into your existing data provisioning processes or DevOps pipelines, featuring horizontal scalability, containerised deployment, and an automation API. 

Effortless Deployment Data Sharing
Whether it's on-premise, in the public cloud, or within a private cloud infrastructure, DataMasque enables effortless deployment without the need for agents, ensuring data remains within the production zone.

Data Empowerment
Masking your sensitive data while preserving utility and fidelity allows you to leverage datasets to accelerate business, enabling machine learning, analytics, and sharing data with third parties.


Our DataMasque Capabilities

OSS Group has been a DataMasque partner since 2020 and and can advise you on data governance, privacy and security issues. Learn more about our data and software capabilities.


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Further Information on DataMasque

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Simon King, Head of Data and Integration

Simon King

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