Mashape make it easy to distribute, monetize, manage, analyze and consume APIs. Mashape is building world-class tools for the HTTP layer, driven by a passionate community of developers from all over the world.

Mashape are the creators of Kong, the open-source high performance API Gateway and microservice management layer, its Developer portal, and the Analytics Platform for APIs, microservices and "serverless" software.

Mashape + OSS Group


OSS Group is proud to announce a relationship with Mashape, the creator of Kong, as its first VAR partner to support New Zealand and Australia. Together we aim to engage and deliver advanced API management solutions to customers based in APAC.

With nearly 10,000 stars on Github and over 2.5 million downloads, Kong is the most popular open-source API gateway and microservices management platform. Built on top of NGINX, Kong is designed for high availability and distributed systems.

To learn more about Kong Enterprise in New Zealand and Australia, please contact us.


What is Kong?

Kong is a scalable, open source API Layer(also known as an API Gateway, or API Middleware). Kong runs in front of any RESTful API and is extended through Plugins, which provide extra functionality and services beyond the core platform.

Kong was originally built at Mashape to secure, manage and extend over 15,000 APIs & Microservices for its API Marketplace, which generates billions of requests per month for over 200,000 developers. Today Kong is used in mission critical deployments at small and large organizations.

  • Scalable: Kong easily scales horizontally by simply adding more machines, meaning your platform can handle virtually any load while keeping latency low.
  • Modular: Kong can be extended by adding new plugins, which are easily configured through a RESTful Admin API.
  • Runs on any infrastructure: Kong runs anywhere. You can deploy Kong in the cloud or on-premise environments, including single or multi-datacenter setups and for public, private or invite-only APIs.

What is Kong?

Request Workflow

To better understand the system, this is a typical request workflow of an API that uses Kong:

Request Workflow

Once Kong is running, every request being made to the API will hit Kong first, and then it will be proxied to the final API. In between requests and responses Kong will execute any plugin that you decided to install, empowering your APIs. Kong effectively becomes the entry point for every API request.

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