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Partner Profile: Confluent

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Confluent's Kafka is a commercially supported implementation of Apache Kafka with additional community and commercial features.

Originally created and open-sourced by LinkedIn in 2011, Kafka is an event streaming platform which enables businesses to adopt event-driven architectures to modernise data flows, from previous batch-driven integration, to real-time data streaming.

Confluent's Product Set

Confluent offers the following products to enable event-driven solutions:

  • Confluent Cloud

Confluent Cloud is a cloud-based implementation of Kafka as a service, provisioned on AWS, Azure or GCP. This service offers the power of Confluent Kafka, while avoiding infrastructure management.

  • Confluent Platform

Confluent Platform is a complete enterprise-grade distribution for self-managed on-premise or hybrid cloud implementations.

  • Confluent Hub

Confluent Hub offers a selection of connectors for Kafka data sources and destinations.

  • ksqlDB Event Streaming Database 

ksqlDB enables you to build event-streaming applications with the same ease and familiarity of building traditional applications on a relational database. It provides a simple underlying architecture to build powerful, real-time systems with just a few SQL statements.


Our Confluent Capabilities

Working together with Confluent, OSS Group helps its clients maximise the value of their data. 

Our Confluent capabilities include:

  • Procurement and implementation of Confluent on-premise or on-cloud
  • Design and development of real-time event-driven data integration
  • Support or managed services for Kafka stack and integration code

Simon King, Head of Data and Integration

Simon King

Head of Data & Software

Hi, I'm Simon King

If you want to understand whether Confluent's solutions would be a good fit for your organisation, you can get in touch with me through the form at right, or phone below:

0800 OSS GRP (0800 677 477)

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