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Partner Profile: Aecorsoft

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AecorSoft specialises in enterprise-ready, secure, scalable and high-performing integration software products for SAP systems and Salesforce. The company helps customers make the most out of their investment in ERP and CRM.

AecorSoft offers the only ETL / ELT software which is SAP Premium Certified.

Aecorsoft's Product Set

Aecorsoft offers highly automated and intelligent SAP data integration solutions.

Integration Service - Data Integrator

Aecorsoft Data Integrator is a stand-alone ELT optimised to extract data from SAP, or replicate to a data-warehouse using CDC (Change Data Capture).

Integration Service for SSIS / ADF

Aecorsoft Integration Service for SSIS / ADF is a set of components working with Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) or Azure Data Factory's SSIS Integration Runtime, enabling SAP or Salesforce integration. 

SAP Data Provider

AecorSoft Data Provider, a lean and high-performing API library which significantly simplifies the SAP integration development experience. Single sign-on, message server, load balancing, connection pooling, SAP metadata navigation and discovery, and data reformatting are all supported.

(SAP) Reporting for Excel

The lightweight, certified Excel add-in to enable real-time, self-service reporting on SAP data.

(SAP) Reporting for Excel - HANA Edition (free)

The lightweight Excel add-on enables access to the SAP HANA data platform, and is available for free download.


Our AecorSoft Capabilities

OSS Group is Aecorsoft's expert partner in New Zealand.

Together, we help SAP customers to manage high-volume and structurally complex SAP data, with full compliance to SAP application layer security.

Our capabilities include:

  • Procurement of Aecorsoft's software
  • Project services to configure extractions of high-volume SAP data to on-premise data warehouses or cloud data platforms
  • Support and managed services for Aecorsoft's solutions.

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Further Information on Aecorsoft

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Simon King, Head of Data and Integration

Simon King

Head of Data & Software

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If you want to understand whether Aecorsoft's solutions would be a good fit for your organisation, you can get in touch with me through the form at right, or phone below:

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