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Our Talend Offering

Talend - legacy support and migration to modern alternatives

For 10 years, OSSG used Talend software (commercial and open source) for data ingest and transformation use cases. Lately, innovation had slowed, and the recent acquisition by VC firm Thoma Bravo has triggered sweeping and painful price rises. Talend has now become too expensive for many use cases, while newer competitive solutions have emerged. Now we offer skills to maintain legacy Talend integration jobs, and skills to migrate data engineering use cases off Talend, onto more modern and competitive data engineering solutions.

Contact us to find out how to migrate your Talend workloads to more modern platforms, and how to contain your software costs whle you migrate.

Data Governance 

Big data is here to stay. A holistic governance framework is required to ensure that this data retains its quality and integrity throughout the lifecycle of the data.

Data Insights

More data complexity leads more insights. We employ AI and machine learning to interrogate your data, and we implement user-friendly solutions for report-building, monitoring and visualisation. 

Information Architecture

Our architects are problem solvers. Once we’ve worked with you to identify your business objectives, our team will design and integrate a customised architectural solution to suit your need.

Software Integration

Responsible companies fix problems as they pop up. However, this creates a larger problem – how to integrate. Our team provides software solutions for integrating your disparate applications. 

Data Strategy

Designing a strategy for managing and deriving value from your data? We provide a balanced perspective of the options available. We help you define a strategy, outline the roadmap to success and identify tools that align with your strategy.

Managed Services for Data

In a time of data driven business evolution and change, our data managed services team will partner with you to ensure ready access to the information you need to deliver your business future today.

Simon King, Head of Data and Integration

Simon King

Head of Data & Integration

Hi, I'm Simon King

I lead the data and integration team. I’d be happy to discuss your data and integration needs and ensure that you are given the best solution.

You can get in touch with me through email or phone:

0800 OSS GRP (0800 677 477)

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