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What Is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a software-as-a-service technology platform that helps businesses drive sales, marketing and customer service management. 

Hubspot is also a method for infusing your business with charisma, helping you tune in to your customers' needs. It is a guide for ensuring your customers come first.

What Is HubSpot?

Why do you need HubSpot's charisma?

The information age has elevated customer knowledge, making them more discerning and less trusting. Hubspot gives you the tools to be naturally more attractive to customers, giving them the information they need to make their own decisions.

With HubSpot, customers come to you. This is the power of inbound marketing.  

Why do you need HubSpot's charisma?

Sound a bit vague? Here's an example

We recently helped a client engage with customers via an event. Here’s how we used HubSpot to get the job done:  

  • Using HubSpot ads, we created an ad for a specific demographic and distributed it via a social platform.
  • People who clicked the ad were sent to the event page. HubSpot collected information about their activity, like how long they were on the page.
  • People who registered for the event gave their contact details. Using this info, HubSpot then assessed their engagement with the website and their level of interest.
  • Using HubSpot's automation tools, event attendees were sent confirmation emails, event reminders and post-event follow-ups to nurture their engagement the brand. 
  • Even though the event has finished, HubSpots continues to engage with people that revisit the website.
Sound a bit vague? Here's an example

HubSpot supports its community 

HubSpot calls their customer support team legendary and we have to agree. They provide comprehensive support to over 68,800 customers in over 100 countries – including New Zealand!

  • 150 HubSpot user groups
  • 7M monthly visits to their informative blog
  • Additional educational material and upskilling
Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, founders of Hubspot

HubSpot’s benefits and tools

The fun doesn’t stop with the above example. HubSpot can be used in a multitude of ways.

Marketing Hub popular features

  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Analytics

Sales Hub popular features 

  • Customer Relationship Management 
  • Pipeline and Forecasting
  • Sales Automation

Service Hub popular features 

  • Help Desk/Ticketing
  • Customer Feedback
  • Knowledge Base

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Ian Soffe
Managing Director

Interested in learning more? 

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You can also check out the following HubSpot resources:

"With a partnership approach from day 1, the team has demonstrated the ability to adjust to our increasing needs with quality. I am a happy customer and would recommend them to anyone wanting a refreshing approach to inbound marketing."

Priscila Bernardes
Head Of Sales And Marketing, Lancom

"I have been using the HubSpot platform on and off for a number of years now, in both the retail and tourism industries in NZ. As a platform, it’s very versatile. It has allowed me and my team to drive efficiency by automating our processes and reporting on what’s driving results. The platform can handle multiple channels, such as social, email marketing, web forms and landing pages, along with contact management and workflows. With so many marketing technology tools out there, it’s good to work with a platform that is suitable for the NZ marketplace."
Mike Marcinkowski

Mike Marcinkowski
Marketing Manager, Entrepreneur, Full-Time Dad