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Embrace modernisation

If you want your business and IT to maintain the right momentum, you need to plan for modernising your software applications and services. From application modernisation architecture to API development and AI, the next innovative and progressive journey is about business transformation.


Application Modernisation

Migrate your software stack to provide real-time data, better functionality, customer experience, and reduced technical debt.

APIs and

Our team can design and build APIs and Microservices to integrate your disparate applications. 

Blockchain and
Digital Currencies

Blockchain is the right tool for specific use cases. Our team can guide you in the integration of blockchain and digital currencies in your ecosystem. 

IoT - Internet
of Things

Industry 4.0 is upon us. Consult our team on the possibilities that IoT integration offers in your industry.

Legacy Software

Our managed services team is experienced in supporting a variety of legacy software, middleware, and databases. Get trusted support for systems on record that your business relies on.

Simon King, Head of Data and Integration

 Simon King

 Head of Data & Software

Hi, I'm Simon King

I lead the data and software team. I’d be happy to discuss your data and integration needs and ensure that you are given the best solution.

You can get in touch with me by calling: 

0800 OSS GRP (0800 677 477)

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