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Navigating AWS Account Migration with Precision

Alana Hoponoa
Apr 23, 2024 4:07:00 PM

OSS Group was engaged by a large NZ organisation seeking support in consolidating their multiple AWS accounts. The customer had the challenge of managing multiple AWS organisations run by separate internal teams, along with an older legacy Landing Zone. It posed risks of intellectual property loss and prompted a project to consolidate AWS accounts for billing, management, governance, and network connectivity. 


The Journey to the Strategic Landing Zone


The solution involved migrating active AWS Accounts from the Legacy Landing Zone to the Strategic Landing Zone. This extensive migration project encompassed decommissioning unused accounts, conducting thorough workload and configuration analysis, assessing workload impact, and developing customised migration and rollback plans for each account and workload. 


Throughout the process, engagement with AWS Account Owners and Workload Owners ensured clear communication and validation plans to maintain critical functionality. The migration process transitioned from development and testing environments to production environments, ensuring a seamless migration. 


The Outcomes


All these steps including network connectivity migration, detailed analysis of network configurations and connectivity requirements led to changes such as:


  • segregating production and non-production traffic,
  • transitioning to Transit Gateway,
  • and routing outbound traffic through a Firewall to comply with company policies. 

The result? Streamlined AWS Accounts managed by a unified internal team and toolset, enhancing efficiency and alignment with organisational standards. 


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