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How a NZ Payment Solutions Provider Successfully Modernised their eCommerce Application

Alana Hoponoa
Apr 23, 2024 4:01:21 PM

One of OSS Group’s customers, a large payment solutions provider, required a significant upgrade of their eCommerce application to accommodate the migration of two new customers. The existing AWS-hosted application needed modernisation to leverage AWS services effectively for scaling. With a focused modernisation program, we successfully completed the production cutover within the specified timeframe, seamlessly onboarding the new customers. 


The Challenge


The platform needed to scale to handle the peak volumes from the new customers, which were substantially higher than the usual workload. The project aimed at enhancing the infrastructure and application deployment without extensive code rework or architectural changes. The objectives included automating deployment, transitioning to AWS Managed Services, and validating performance at expected transaction volumes.  


The Results


The outcomes of the modernisation program exceeded expectations: 


  • Retained all functionalities with potential for more enhancements
  • Successfully handled a 60% increase in transaction volume 
  • Managed significant spikes in peak transaction throughput 
  • Maintained security standards

Due to this modernisation effort, all platform features seamlessly transitioned to the new environment. Through simulation, we confirmed that the platform could effectively scale to meet the demands of our customer during peak times, ensuring PCI-DSS compliance throughout the process. 


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