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What is DevOps?

DevOps is a process, a relationship. It is a constant loop of call and response. It is a culture founded in communication and collaboration.

DevOps was driven by the idea that the silos of development and operations should be broken down. Openness and communication aid adjustments to systems, leading to designs being executed correctly and flaws quickly revised. 


How OSS Group does DevOps

DIY and collaboration are our bread and butter. Our team of highly skilled technical consultants integrates with the client’s team and deliver a collaborative service. For some, we help introduce an infrastructure as code approach. For others, we assist in the design and/or implementation of incremental change.

Our delivery process stretches well outside the boundaries of a traditional product-based delivery system. We are the gift that keeps on giving, the ultimate enabler of growth.


Our Work

Here are some DevOps projects we've recently helped our customers with.


OSS Group saves a major airline time and money using AWS

Airlines are large and complex companies. Like all big businesses, they collect a variety of data on their customers and processes, which they use to inform...

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Using AWS Lambda, OSS Group helps a customer balance speed with cost

Using AWS Lambda, OSS Group helps a customer balance speed with cost

A New Zealand insurance company has released a web service to allow partners, brokers and agents to submit applications online from their...

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OSS Group helps a leading New Zealand bank step up into the cloud

The bank is gearing up to move to the cloud, with the ultimate goal of having multi-cloud capabilities. To get started on their journey, they asked OSS Group to...

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Rae Froggatt

Rae Froggatt

Head of Platforms

Hi, I'm Rae!

Let me help you get to most out of your platform. I'd be happy to discuss how our services can address your needs.

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"We were happy to use OSS Group as they had a good understanding of requirements and had successfully delivered the original AWS environment."