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DevOps & CI/CD

What is DevOps?

DevOps was initially driven by the idea that the silos of development and operations should be broken down. When developers and people in operations are in communication, designs can be executed correctly and correctly executed code that is flawed in some way can be revised. Openness and communication encourage feedback between the development phase and the operations phase to ease adjustments to systems.

DevOps is a process, a relationship. It is a constant loop of call and response. It tightens the response time to issues that emerge. It is a culture founded in communication and collaboration.


DevOps in New Zealand

The way that the IT industry is growing in the local environment reflects the culture of DevOps. New Zealand is a small country. This necessarily means that there are fewer local experts to turn to. Combine this with the average company size: 97% of New Zealand’s enterprises have fewer than 20 employees. These companies might not have the capacity for a committed DevOps team to design, build, run, monitor and improve systems and processes. However, larger companies are starting to adopt a DevOps culture, with outstanding success in implementing continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.

New Zealand’s small size inhibits the formation of silos. Instead, we find ourselves in a naturally collaborative, DIY environment. Even companies with successful DevOps teams will be limited by the number of local technical experts available, businesses often bring in external experts on an ad hoc basis to consult on various projects. These experts generally don’t deliver static products. They design a system with input from the client’s team, work with the team to deploy the solution and then manage the solution as needed. When a client runs into trouble, they can call the consultant back to redesign, make modifications or provide input for a future project.


OSS Group reflects DevOps culture

DIY and collaboration are the bread and butter of OSS Group’s business model. We have a team of highly skilled technical consultants that are available as much or as little as you need them for projects that are large and small. We are scalable. We integrate with the client’s team and deliver a collaborative service. In some cases, we are helping introduce an infrastructure as code approach. At other times, we participate in the design and/or implementation of incremental change. Either way, or in any number of ways, our delivery process stretches well outside the boundaries of a traditional product-based delivery system. We are the gift that keeps on giving, the ultimate enabler of growth.


OSS Group delivers DevOps solutions

Our experience in the New Zealand marketplace makes us intimately familiar with the challenges local businesses face when it comes to moving towards a DevOps approach to creating and maintaining your infrastructure. Whether your foundation relies on on-premise or legacy applications and software, moving to a DevOps approach takes time, effort, testing and retesting, not to mention money and a dogged determination and belief that the new solution will be everything and more than the solution you have traditionally used. 

We ease you into the journey by providing you with expert knowledge and a wealth of experience gained from our 25 years of working with New Zealand companies to explore suitable DevOps and CI/CD solutions tailored to their needs. We have helped companies harden their security, improve software release cycles, implement pipeline tools and processes, increase the speed and quality of applications and reduce cost by employing open source solutions when possible.


Our Work

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Our partners

We partner with the best available solutions to build, automate and manage your infrastructure in a way that is consistent and streamlined. Our two main cloud partners are AWS and Microsoft Azure.


AWS   AWS Partner Network Logo

We are an Advanced Partner of AWS. Our team of highly skilled consultants have experience building, automating, deploying and monitoring AWS platforms using AWS-specific DevOps tooling and services as well as a range of third-party tools and services for some of New Zealand’s biggest companies.

We have experience with many products in the AWS toolbox. Some of our favourites are:


Azure    Microsoft Azure Logo

When Azure first entered the scene, they were perceived as being Windows-specific. However, they continue to expand their compatibility with open source tools. As such, we are currently a reseller partner of Azure and are in the process of progressing to advanced support partner.


Third-party tools

We pride ourselves on delivering not what is easiest for us to accomplish, but what will be of most value to our clients. Some of our best solutions have been born from combining tools and services from multiple partners. AWS (and more recently Azure) is compatible with a variety of third-party tools. Our key third-party providers are RedHat, Puppet and HashiCorp.

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DevOps and CI/CD Latest Thinking 

DevOps and CI/CD Latest Thinking
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