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OSS Group's guide to IBM Cloud Pak for Data

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  • What IBM products and open source solutions are included in IBM’s Cloud Paks for Data
  • What the key services and business benefits are of IBM’s Cloud Pak for Data
  • Some additional resources that might be of interest to you
  • A little bit about our history and experience with IBM and Red Hat solutions

What are the ingredients of Cloud Pak for Data?


Watson Knowledge Catalogue
Watson Studio
Watson Discovery
Watson Assistant
Watson OpenScale
InfoSphere QualityStage
Cognos Analytics
Datastage Enterprise
Master Data Management
Red Hat OpenShift
Finanical Service Workbench
Planning Analytics

Watson Knowledge Catalogue

  • A data catalog that is tightly integrated with an enterprise data governance platform
  • Helps business users quickly discover, curate, categorise and share data assets, data sets, analytical models and their relationships with other members of your organisation. It serves as a single source of truth for data engineers, data stewards, data scientists and business analysts to gain self-service access to data they can trust
  • With data governance, data quality and active policy management, it helps your organisation protect and govern sensitive data, trace data lineage and manage data lakes

Watson Studio

  • Watson Studio is a collaborative environment with graphical tools for designing, training, deploying, and managing models with your Watson Machine Learning services

Watson Discovery

  • Surface answers and rich insights from your complex enterprise documents with AI-powered search
  • Ships with embedded Natural Language Processing built-in
  • Relevancy Training uses machine-learning Watson techniques to improve the ordering of search results over time
  • Document Similarity understands the most important aspects of the document, and finds textually similar documents in the collection

Watson Assistant

  • Watson Assistant is a conversation AI platform that helps you provide customers with fast, straightforward and accurate answers to their questions, across any application, device or channel. Let your collugues focus on complex use cases – not repetitive responses – and helps customers resolve issues day or night

Watson OpenScale

  • Tracks, measures and explains outcomes from AI across its lifecycle. As an extension to this, it can detect and correct AI model bias and drift

InfoSphere QualityStage

  • Enables you to investigate, cleanse and manage your data, helping you maintain consistent views of key entities including customers, vendors, locations and products.
  • Leveraging: 
    • Deep data profiling
    • Data quality rules (200+ built-in rules)
    • Data classification (250+ built-in data classes)
    • Data standardisation and record matching


Cognos Analytics

  • Using trusted and curated data from existing sources, share personal insights at the scale-of-the-business without time-consuming migration

Datastage Enterprise

  • Real-time data integration for access to trusted data across data lakes and multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments

Master Data Management

  • Delivers accurate, near real-time views of master data throughout your organisation. Supports registry or virtual style implementations, which offer quick time-to-value
  • New analytical graph-based exploration, agile self-service access, governance and dashboard capabilities

Red Hat Openshift

  • Provides a consistent user interface that allows you to deploy applications on multiple infrastructures for a true hybrid cloud experience that scales up and down as demand requires

Financial Services Workbench

  • Enables a low-code environment to build data-centric, cloud-native cognitive solutions at scale
  • Incorporates Financial Crimes Insight to improve alert triage and investigation efficiencies


  • Purpose-built AI for Entity Resolution. Provides highly accurate insights about who is who and who is related to whom. Quickly matches and links data about people, organizations and other entities
  • Operates in Real Time
  • Minimal Data Preparation
  • Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness
  • Speed and Scalability
  • Built-In Privacy by Design (PbD)

Planning Analytics

  • Planning Analytics is an integrated planning solution that uses AI to automate planning, budgeting, and forecasting and drive more intelligent workflows
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What soup is it? 

A future-ready data platform that allows companies to prepare and focus on the right strategy, skills, governance, and tools to get ahead—leaving behind those that don’t think holistically when trying to optimise the benefits gained from their data.

IBM Cloud Pak simplifies IT management and day to day use by providing a fully managed, integrated platform,  empower all employees, not just data scientists, to uncover insights in data without sacrificing responsibilities and safeguards

Strengthening customer trust is the defining issue for the top performing CxOs in IBM's global C-suite study. These torchbearers outperform their peers in revenue growth, profitability, innovation and managing change. To this end, IBM has the highly available, secure platform you need, encompassing encryption, threat management, private endpoints and configurable access.

An effective data refinery is a pre-requisite for success


  • No amount of AI algorithmic sophistication will overcome a lack of data. Data collection & preparation is the most time consuming and difficult part of AI (MITSloan)
  • IBM has been identified as a leader by Forrester for Data Management for Analytics

Data virtualisation makes sharing information easier and safer


  • Make many databases, even globally distributed, appear as one to an application
  • This simplifies data governance and security

Deployment and management options


  • Self-managed - on your own hardware or cloud platform of choice
  • IBM managed (running in IBM Cloud)
  • On pre-configured hardware

Components cover all steps in the Artificial Intelligence Ladder


  • Collect: Make data simple and accessible. Collect data of every type, regardless of where it resides, and bring flexibility in the face of ever-changing data sources.
  • Organise: Create a business-ready analytics foundation. Organise all data into a trusted, business-ready foundation with built-in governance, protection, and compliance.
  • Analyse: Build and scale AI with trust and transparency. Analyse data in smarter ways and benefit from AI models that empower organisations to gain new insights and make better smarter decisions.
  • Infuse: Operationalise AI throughout the business. Apply AI across the enterprise in multiple departments and within various processes — drawing on predictions, automation, and optimisation.
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OSS Group's Value

OSS Group has a long history with IBM, Red Hat and open source technology and solutions. Leveraging a strong heritage in open solutions, data and infrastructure, we are well-positioned to assist your organisation with the design and implementation of IBM solutions. Our engineers and consultants have a broad range of international experience and certifications to ensure your desired outcomes are realised.

We're here to help your business accelerate its journey to better data. Access our complimentary library of resources on Data, AI and Machine Learning.

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Our enterprise project team designs customised architectural solutions and ensures that these solutions are fully and seamlessly integrated. We have experience with dozens of technologies, and can engage on a short to longer term basis. 

Operations and Support? 

You shouldn’t have to worry about the day to day running and management of your data. We evaluate your digital environment and design a service tailored to your needs. Managed services agreements can include:

  • System administration and maintenance
  • Incident management/response
  • Change management
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