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OSS Group's guide to IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

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  • What IBM products and solutions are included in IBM’s Cloud Paks for Integration
  • What the key services and business benefits of IBM’s Cloud Pak for Integration 
  • Some additional resources that might be of interest to you
  • A little bit about our history and experience with IBM and Red Hat solutions

What are the ingredients of Cloud Pak for Integration?


IBM API Connect
IBM APP Connect
IBM Event Streams
IBM MQ on Cloud
IBM Lift
IBM Aspera on Cloud
IBM DataPower
IBM Cloud for Skytap Solutions 

IBM API Connect

  • Create and manage APIs with built-in security and governance. 
    • Creation: Create and write API definitions. Implement and test APIs
    • Run: Package and deploy APIs.
    • Manage: Lifecycle management and governance for APIs.
      • Customisable, self service portals for publishing APIs for discovery and use Integrated enterprise grade clustering, management, and security. 
      • API usage analytics for both API providers and consumers, with runtime and historical reporting on usage patterns and performance metrics
    • Secure: Access control over APIs for both API providers and consumers by using role-based permissions. 

IBM App Connect

Get an integrated solution with hundreds of built-in connectors. Supports a wide range of integration styles across batch and real-time patterns.

  • Integrate apps and data: Automatically copy and synchronize data between on-premises and cloud-based applications, without worrying about mismatched sources, formats and standards.
  • Build APIs: Access,  transform and combine data assets across all your enterprise applications, databases and systems and expose them as APIs.
  • Act on events: Recognise when events occur in source applications across your ecosystem to immediately trigger the right business actions.

IBM Event Streams

  • Host a fully managed Apache Kafka as a service for a scalable, high-performing, real-time messaging backbone.
    • Has a simple-to-use yet powerful UI that puts you in control of your Kafka infrastructure.
    • Supports Apache Avro schemas, enabling your Kafka applications to validate data structures and to encode and decode data.
    • Provides Kafka Connect source-and-sink connectors to common enterprise systems. 
    • Provides an enterprise-grade REST API that is particularly useful for connecting to appliances and critical systems that don’t support a Kafka-native client

IBM MQ on Cloud

  • Simplify and accelerate the reliable and secure exchange of data with enterprise messaging. 
    • IBM MQ is an enterprise grade messaging middleware service which has been proving itself for over 25 years.
    • IBM MQ on Cloud service is a managed offering, therefore IBM will handle upgrades, patches and also many of the operational management tasks, allowing you to focus on the integration of MQ with your applications.


IBM Lift

  • Makes it easy to quickly, securely and reliably migrate your database from on-premises data centers to an IBM cloud data property.
  • It enables secure and rapid migration to the cloud with zero downtime captures incremental changes to your source database and replays them to your target database so applications using the source DB can run uninterrupted during database migration


IBM Aspera on Cloud

  • Transfer, exchange and automate the delivery of your large data workloads across hybrid clouds at maximum speed.
  • Achieve speeds up to hundreds of times faster than FTP and HTTP without saturating your network using the unique, patented IBM Aspera FASP protocol
  • Protect your date with comprehensive built-in security, including encryption over-the-wire and, optionally, at rest.
  • The intuitive interface enables collaborate with internal and external users through shared workspaces.

IBM DataPower

IBM DataPower Gateway is an appliance that provides security, control, integration and optimised access to a full range of mobile, web, application programming interface (API), service-oriented architecture (SOA), B2B and cloud workloads.


IBM Cloud for Skytap Solutions

  • Replicate the complete data centre environment of existing apps to ease migration to the cloud.
  • Traditionally, migration is impossible without significant rework. With Skytap on IBM Cloud, you can migrate your traditional application without change.
  • Make the most of your System i, AIX and Linux applications. Integrate with cloud-native services and move to the cloud without rewriting or refactoring.

What soup is it? 

IBM has been identified as a leader in hybrid integration platforms with consistently high scores across both technology as well as execution and market impact assessment dimensions. Ovum call IBM "the only vendor that can function as a true strategic partner for enterprises embarking on integration modernization initiatives." Specifically, Ovum identifies IBM's Agile Integration approach, calling it "the most comprehensive and well thought out" of all vendors in the Decision Matrix.

Why you'd be interested? 

  • Increase the value derived from APIs.
  • Avoid the scaling problems of centralised ESBS.
  • Remove centralized integration development bottlenecks.
  • Get the benefits of Cloud native technologies without cloud lock-in.
  • Improve the speed at which your business moves.
  • Improve business efficiency by breaking down data silos.


  • Use components as a managed service or deploy them in any cloud or on-premises environment.
  • Deploying close to applications and data stores lets you increase integration performance and latency times, and save costs.
  • Running on Red Hat® OpenShift®,  IBM Cloud Pak for Integration gives you the agility to deploy and run workloads on-premises and on private and public clouds.
  • Connect workloads across on-premises and hybrid or multi-cloud environments
  • Distributed componentised microservices, enabling decentralised ownership with unified management
  • Platform-level security, automation, and monitoring. Quickly set up and manage gateways, control access on a per resource basis, deploy your integration flows, and monitor all of your traffic.
  • User-story centric and consumer-focused
  • Open platform and tooling, no vendor lock-in
  • Development is agile and considered fast-speed IT, focusing on innovating and exploring
  • Fine-grained data point access and event-driven tasks
  • Enterprise event streaming and messaging
  • High-speed data transfer. Reliably send, share, stream, and sync large files and data sets at maximum speed
  • Tooling to rapidly design, model, develop, test, and deploy APIs in an automated continuous delivery model.
  • Polyglot runtime support for creating microservices, enabling innovation and agility within the different programming models required by different use case scenarios. Support for Node.js and Java runtimes, among others, is essential.
  • Integrated enterprise-grade clustering management and security. The service level agreement in API management is backed by platform characteristics such as performance, scalability, load balancing, and failover.
  • Lifecycle and governance for APIs, products, and plans. Productizing the APIs, packaging and cataloging them, and tracking their lifecycle are all activities that help provide effective management and control of the APIs as they are deployed.
  • Access control over APIs, API plans, and API products. Another key function for security is managing the access to APIs at various levels of granularity, involving users and user groups in a consumer or a provider role.
  • Advanced API usage analytics. Monitoring and analyzing API usage metrics from different user perspectives and roles provide a feedback loop to the API owners and developers for future improvement.
  • Customisable, self-service developer portal for publicising APIs. Publicising and socialising the APIs through a user-friendly portal is crucial in promoting the value of your core business and the market reach of your brand.
  • Policy enforcement, security, and control. A high performing and scalable API security gateway is imperative in any API management platform to protect access to your back-end systems.
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