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Cloud Optimisation with OSS Group

Optimise your Cloud Infrastructure

If you are one of our clients and you are using AWS or Azure services, we help you get better services for less money by evaluating how your cloud is operating and fine tuning it for speed, performance and cost. Our cloud optimisation service is backed by CloudHealth Technologies.

How We Optimise Your Cloud

We optimise for speed, performance and cost by reviewing key categories in your environment.

Instance Size, Family & Generation

Modernising instance families can lead to better performance. By using the latest instance generations where possible and by reviewing size requirements, we ensure that clients are not paying more for larger, older instances.

System-Wide Reviews

We develop a schedule with our clients to help them manage cloud services going forward. We deliver scheduled reporting according to the needs of the client and regular reviews of the impact of renewing reservations and modifying or purchasing new reservations.

Storage Review

We’ve seen many cases of incorrect storage size and type being used when a cheaper option is available. Let us review your storage requirements to help you free up revenue.

Reservation Landscaping

Committing to an instance that you are using can help save you money in the long run. We evaluate your instances and make recommendations for reservation suitability.

Microsoft Azure

Accelerate and modernise your cloud computing with Azure. With Azure, you have everything you need to build your next great solution.

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 Devon Stewart-Meadows

Manager of Cloud Services

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